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Welcome to the Caveman World

It was we, Michael and Wojtek, who together created the project, giving vent to our passions, creativity and skills that previously had no opportunity to see the light of day. For several years now, we have been a close-knit team, which, thanks to manual work in a small company, creates unconventional projects, so that anyone who enters into cooperation with us, can leave from us tailored to their needs fully functional mobile “cave”.

Good cooperation with the customer is the basis of our work. Behind us are hours of conversations, exchanges of emails, arrangements, corrections, improvements, which make up for the fact that anyone who decides on a campervan created at Caveman knows that this car is created together with us. Thanks to this, we are able to transfer the customer’s ideas and dreams to the interior of the car taking care of every detail and aiming for the highest quality finish.

Our calling card is smaller vans, with which you will go not only on vacation, but also use them every day, as a large family station wagon or van for work. However, there is no obstacle for us to complete, also orders on large vehicles, maxi etc. new or supplied by customers, of any make and configuration. We are ready for any challenge.
You are welcome to cooperate with us!

Ready to create your dream camper?

Ready to create your dream camper?

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